Hallsville Elementary School Murals, Manchester, NH, USA

This is one of three original murals done at Hallsville Elementary School under Rachelle M. Otero, Principal of Hallsville, during the Spring and Summer of 2012.

This particular mural featured the students themselves in the imagery, painted-in from my own photographs of them.  In the "Art" section, the girls painted their original artwork onto the actual mural itself.  The mural was about 35 feet long and 4 feet high, from chest level up to the ceiling.

Leftmost side of mural with credits

Mathematics section



Detail of "Writing"

Detail of "Music"

Detail of "Technology"

Here in another part of the building, more murals done in the stairwell, leading up from the front doors, into the classrooms. The idea was to encourage the children to enter the school with enthusiasm, sprouting wings to become more like the school mascot, which was a hawk.

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